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Petite Jolie was estabilished in 2009, as a project of transformation, knowledge and technological domain of the industry in a market initiative. Aimed at the female audience, the brand grew at the pace of the internet and today has more than 3 million people on its social networks.


Known for its colorful and original design collections, Petite Jolie has a legion of fans that are passionate about the charming and inspiring essence os our brand. Petite Jolie is constantly growing and is currently available present in more than 5 thousand retailers  spread throughout Brazil and in more than 50 countries.

How is your Petite Jolie made?
Petite Jolie

How is your Petite Jolie made?

With more than 25 years of operation, Aniger group offers high-standard products and services. The company has its own mould shop and vertical production process and is considered one of the most flexible factories in the market, which enables the development and production of the most varied segments of the footwear market.

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